Maintenance is not Enough!

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Maintenance is not Enough!

Mensajepor pedroinstalador » Jue 05 Abr, 2018 10:13 am

Thankfully, the days of break-fix reactive maintenance are behind us. Over the last 15 years, state-of-the-art industrial maintenance strategies have evolved from being only reactive to preventive to predictive to prescriptive. The result has been significant improvements in plant maintenance.

The problem is that because improving maintenance strategies seems so reasonable to most industrial professionals, who accept it as the natural evolutionary path of technology, they do not seek to understand what is actually driving the need. What we have learned is that process control advancements, which are intended to increase asset efficiency, are the primary reason new maintenance approaches are required. This is because advanced process control strategies pushthe operating limits of plant equipment, which leads to a reduction in equipment reliability.

So while new maintenance strategies have helped improve asset reliability, what we really require is a better, more real-time approach.

I question the commonly accepted premise that reliability improvement can result from advanced maintenance management strategies alone. Process control affects the real-time operation of plant assets. Maintenance management.....

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