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QR Code - QR Reader - Barcode Scanner is a very useful barcode scanner application in today's life

Publicado: Mar 09 Oct, 2018 2:44 am
por Emely
Previously I have led his mother to buy oil box to massage each joint pain. On the TV, the time for the Chinese made a lot. One day you surf through Facebook, you have posted the status of anger because also go buy drugs for mother that buy fake goods, poor quality, mother you use at home coal does not see any pain. Should be avoided so you have to find out that you have installed the QR code. - QR Reader - Barcode Scannerscans the barcode on the product box. I thought to check the information so it takes quite a lot of time, but just scanned about 1-> 2s have the results immediately !!


I bought it immediately mother.Home mother in advance to call the drug good use. I also feel secure. I review a few lines of code QR code - QR Reader - Barcode Scanner for the mem know through offline
- Interface looks eye-catching, look at the interface is able to know how to use always
- The scan speed with me is quite good

You can install at here: