Manage Content button access Restriction

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Królick Peter
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Manage Content button access Restriction

Mensajepor Królick Peter » Mar 11 Mar, 2008 11:43 am

Hi there,

I'm new here and I have an security issue and maybe you can help me. I've created a site in Sharepoint server 2003 and created webparts with forms created since infopath. Users can upload content from Infopath and a view has been created in the webpart for them to see only the documents that meet some criteria (their own, ...).

However, on the left bar, the button "manage content" is always available, and if an user is curious enough to click there, he could access to information that is hidden for him through filters.

Is there any way to restrict or disable the functionality of the "Manage Content" button?

Thank you very much for your help!!!!!

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